Hi! My name is Kate Artibee and I own a pilates studio in New York City called Sanctuary Pilates (www.SanctuaryPilates.com).

At the time of writing this intro, I’ve been a doula, and a prenatal and postpartum yoga and pilates teacher for 20 years and have helped hundreds of women through their pre and postnatal experiences through these years.

This weekend, I taught a prenatal group with my 12 week old baby strapped to my chest and sleeping in her Moby wrap. While I was sharing with my students how I wrapped her up, why I like slings for some things and wraps for others, it occurred to me that many of you may have the same questions that come up in my classes, but you either don’t live in New York City or can’t get in to my studio. Well, this blog is for you!

Here, I’ll be sharing my tips for getting around town, what gear to buy, how to look and feel your best and more. Everyone deserves a little Sanctuary in their day!

Please leave your comments and ask any questions you have here. I’ll try to address specific requests as I’m building the blog archive, and I hope this proves to be a useful resource for you!

Thanks and enjoy!


Kate Artibee attended her first birth in 1992. Since then, she’s been fascinated with all things relating to pregnancy, birth and babies. She opened Sanctuary Pilates on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 2006 and has been creating a supportive community for birthers and birth workers ever since. Her daughter Tennessee James was born in 2014.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Kate,
    Great meeting you promenading this evening. Would be fun to grab a coffee at boot and shoe and walk over to rose garden

    Let me know when might work for you

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